Testwood Baptist Church
Sunday Services - New Series In 2017

Sunday Services - New Series In 2017

First Things First - Starting Sunday 15th January (Am Services)

Four week series exploring idolatry - Looking at how we identify idols within our own lives, understanding the affect they have on our christian walk and identifying ways to keep Jesus at the center.

'Simplify' - Starting Sunday 12th February (Am Services)

Pastor Gordon Tuck will be starting a new four week series linked to the Bill Hybells Book 'Simplify'. This book unpacks 10 key areas of life that can get 'out of focus' - from finances to relationships and even timekeeping. It offers practical insights for making changes in order to create a life with greater peace and energy anchored in the priorities that matter most.

'Words From the Cross' - Starting Sunday 12th March (Am Services)

On the run up to Easter, we'll be looking at the powerful words of Jesus from the cross.